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Century and a half of silence towards oppression against Bahais is enoughby

Open Letter04-Feb-2009
An Open Letter from a group of academics, writers, artists, journalists and Iranian activists throughout the world to the Baha’i community
In the name of goodness and beauty, and in the name of humanity and liberty!
As Iranian human beings, we are ashamed for what has been perpetrated upon the Baha’is in the last century and a half in Iran.
We firmly believe that every Iranian, “without distinction of any kind, such as, race, color, sex, language, religion, politics or other opinions,” and also without regard to ethnic background, “social origin, property, birth or other status,” is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, from the very inception of the Baha’i Faith, the followers of this religion in Iran have been deprived of many provisions of human rights solely on account of their religious convictions.
According to historical documents and evidence, from the commencement of the Babi Movement followed by the appearance of the Baha’i Faith, thousands of our countrymen have been slain by the sword of bigotry and superstition only for their religious beliefs. Just in the first decades of its establishment, some twenty thousand of those who stood identified with this faith community were savagely killed throughout various regions of Iran.
We are ashamed that during that period, no voice of protest against these barbaric murders was registered;
We are ashamed that until today the voice of protest against this heinous crime has been infrequent and muted;
We are ashamed that in addition to the intense suppression of Baha’is during its formative decades, the last century also witnessed periodic episodes of persecution of this group of our countrymen, in which their homes and businesses were set on fire, and their lives, property and families were subjected to brutal persecution – but all the while, the intellectual community of Iran remained silent;
We are ashamed that during the last thirty years, the killing of Baha’is solely on the basis of their religious beliefs has gained legal status and over two-hundred Baha’is have been slain on this account;
We are ashamed that a group of intellectuals have justified coercion against the Baha’i community of Iran;
We are ashamed of our silence that after many decades of service to Iran, Baha’i retired persons have been deprived of their right to a pension;
We are ashamed of our silence that on the account of their fidelity to their religion and truthfulness in stating this conviction, thousands of Baha’i youth have been barred from education in universities and other institutions of higher learning in Iran;
We are ashamed that because of their parents’ religious beliefs, Baha’i children are subjected to denigration in schools and in public.
We are ashamed of our silence over this painful reality that in our nation, Baha’is are systematically oppressed and maligned, a number of them are incarcerated because of their religious convictions, their homes and places of business are attacked and destroyed, and periodically their burial places are desecrated;
We are ashamed of our silence when confronted with the long, dark and atrocious record that our laws and legal system have marginalized and deprived Baha’is of their rights, and the injustice and harassment of both official and unofficial organs of the government towards this group of our countrymen;
We are ashamed for all these transgressions and injustices, and we are ashamed for our silence over these deeds.

We, the undersigned, asked you, the Baha’is, to forgive us for the wrongs committed against the Baha’i community of Iran.
We will no longer be silent when injustice is visited upon you.
We stand by you in achieving all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.
Let us join hands in replacing hatred and ignorance with love and tolerance.
February 3, 2009

1. Aban, Vahid, Human Rights Activist – Sweden2. Abdolalian, Morteza, Journalist, CJFE Board of Directors - Canada, Oakville3. Abdi, Asghar, Physiologist/ Human Righst Activitst4. Abghari, Shahla, Professor, Life University – USA, Atlanta5. Abghari, Siavash, Professor, University of Georgia – USA, Atlanta6. Aeine, Abtin, Poet - Sweden7. Afshar, Mahasti, Reasercher – USA, Los Angeles8. Afshari, Maryam, Activist – Sweden, Gutenberg9. Afshin-Jam, Nazanin, Human Rights Activist/ Singer Canada, Vancouver10. Aghnam, Reza, Writer/Literature Critic – England, London11. Ahmadi, Fereidoon, Political Analyst – Germani Colonia12. Ahmadi, Ramin, Professor, Yale University – USA, Yale13. Akbari, Mansour, Human Rights Activist – Sweden, Stockholm14. Akhavan, Asal, Human Rights Supporter - Australia15. Alavi, Reza, Writer/Political Analyst - USA16. Almasi, Nasrin, Managing editor of Shahrvand- Canada, Toronto17. Amini, Bahman, Publisher – France, Paris18. Amini, Mehdi, Political Activist – USA, Washington DC19. Amirgholi, Amir, Human Rights Activist – Iran, Tehran20. Amirhosseini, Bahman, journalist – USA, Virginia21. Amirsedghi, Nasrin, Writer/Ditrector of Kult DA – Germany, Mainz22. Amoozgar, Mojgan, Medical Doctor – France, Paris23. Ansari, Siamak, Human Rights Activist - Sweden, Gutenberg24. Arian, Nima, Student/Human Roghts Activist - Germany25. Asadi, Houshang, Writer/ Journalist – France, Paris26. Assadi Savadkouhi, Hooshang, IT specialist – Sweden, Stockholm27. Assman Mohammad, Javad, Poet/ Translator – Iran, Esfahan28. Attar, Mahmood, Pharmacist/ Human Rights Supporter - Italy29. Avaei, Gil, Writer/Bloger – Holand30. Ayoubzadeh, Hassan, Writer/ Lawyer – Netherlands, Arnhem31. Azad, Azadeh, Sociologist - Canada32. Azadian, Abbas, Psychotrapist – Toronto Canada33. Azarian, Mina, Actress – Sweden, Stockholm34. Azarkolah, Houman, Actor – France, Paris35. Azarli, Katayoun, Writer/Poet - Germany36. Bagheri Goldschmied, Nahid, Freelance Journalist – Austria, Vienna37. Bagherpour, Danesh, Political Analyst - Germany38. Bagherpour, Khosro, Poet /Journalist – Germany39. Bakhshizadeh, Marziye, Human Rights Activist – Germany40. Bakhtiyari, Sheyda, Human Rights Activist - Denmark41. Balouch, Abdolghader, Writer, Canada Vancouver42. Baradaran, Monireh, Writer/Human rights activist - Germany43. Barati, Mehran, Researcher, Germany, Berlin44. Batebi, Ahmad, Human Rights Activist - USA, Washington45. Behboodi, Reza, Human Rights Activist – Canada46. Behnia, Kamran, Physicist – France, Paris47. Beyzaie, Niloofar, Play writer/Theatre Director – Germany, Frankfurt48. Bigdeli, Bahram, Human Rights Activist - Germany , Cologne49. Bishetab, Reza, Writer, France, Paris50. Borghei, Mohammad, Professor Strayer University - USA51. Boroumand, Ladan, Researcher, Boroumand Foundation - USA, Washington52. Boroumand, Roya, Executive Director, Boroumand Foundation – USA, Washington53. Chehabi, Houchang-Esfandiar, Professor – USA, Boston54. Choubine, Bahram, Researcher/Writer – Germany, Köln55. Corrazo, Gabriela, Journalist - Spain56. Daneshvar, Hamid, Actor/Theatre Director – France, Paris57. Darvishpour, Mehrdad, Professor, Stockholm University - Sweden, Stockholm58. Daryani, Hossein, Stage Actor – Germany, Berlin59. Dashi, Ali, Political Activist Danemark60. Dastmalchi, Parviz, Writer/Political Analyst – Germany, Berlin61. Davani, Hossein, Art Critic/Human Rights Activist – Germany Colonia62. Dehzangi, Arash, PHD Candidate- Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 63. Delneshin, Shahin, Political Analyst/Blogger -Denmark, Copenhagen64. Djalali Chimeh, Mohammad (M. Sahar), Poet - France, Paris65. Djanati Atai, Behi, Actor/ Writer/Theatre Director – France, Paris66. Doai, Babak, Musician/ Music Teacher - Belgium67. Duschouki, Abdolsatar, Political Analyst - England68. Ebadi, Abdolatif, Poet/Translator/Journalist - England69. Ebrahimi, Hadi, Editor-in-chief of Shahrgon, Canada, Vancouver70. Emami, Bahram, Human Rights Activist - Sweden, Stockholm71. Esfandarmaz, Sherin, Human Rights Activist, Belgium Bruxelles72. Eskandari, Mohammad Reza, Sociologist / Activist - Holand73. Fadai, Behroz, Political Activist – Holand74. Fahimi, Nima, Chief of Efsha Website - England75. Fani Yazdi, Reza, Political analyst - USA76. Farahani, Fereshteh, Human Rights Activist – Holand77. Faraji, Hossein, TV Moderator – USA ,Los Angeles78. Farhoudi, Vida, Poet/Translator- France, Paris79. Farid, Siamak, Human Rights Activist, Belgium Bruxelles80. Farrahi, Farahnaz, Chief of Iran bbb Website – Germany, Berlin81. Farshy, Ebrahim, Writer/Teacher/Theater Actor – Germany Colonia82. Fattah, Abasali, Political Activist – Australia83. Fazel, Navid, Chief Physician - Germany84. Ferdosian, Payam, writer/ Researche/ Human Rights Activist – USA, Virginia85. Forouhar, Parastou, Artist/Human Rights Activist – Germany, Frankfurt86. Fouladi, Firuzeh Faye, USA, Silver Spring, Maryland87. Ghadiri, Khosro, Professor/ Journalist/Analyst – USA, California88. Ghaemi, Hadi Coordinator Int. Campaign for HR in Iran - USA89. Ghahari, Keivandokht, Deutsche Welle, Section Iran- Germany, Bonn90. Ghahraman, Saghi, Poet /Journalist – Canada, Toronto91. Ghahraman, Sasan, Publisher/Writer/Journalist – Canada, Toronto92. Ghasemi Impertro, Akhtar, Free lance Journalist/ Photographer – Germany, Colonia93. Ghassemi, Reza, Writer – France, Paris94. Ghiaee, Abbas, Bookstore Manager – Germany95. Ghorashi, Reza, Professor, USA New Jersey96. Giahi, Fatemeh, Human Rights Activist, USA, Massachusett97. Goharzad, Reza, Journalist, USA98. Golab Dej, Hooshang, Writer/Poet – Sweden Stockholm99. Golchin, Ali, Lawyer – USA, Massachusett100. Habibinia, Omid, Journalist - Sweden101. Hajzadeh, Fallah Masoud, Design Engineer - Västerås, Sweden102. Hakim, Mohammad Hossein, Professor – USA, Amherst103. Halford, Zhara, Painter/Photograph/Sculptor - France104. Hamidi, Nasrin, Human Rights Activist - Holand105. Hamidi, Hamid, Human Rights Activist - Holand106. Hamzeloee, Mahmoud, Actor/Theatre & Cinema Director – Norway107. Harandi, Farideh, Lawyer, USA108. Hashemizadeh, Iradj, Architekt/Journalist- Austria, Graz109. Hassibi, Mohammad, Political activist, USA110. Hatami, Parviz, Human Rights Activist - USA111. Hekmat, Bijan, Political Activist – France, Paris112. Heyrani, Aref , general contractor, USA, Beaverton OR113. Homayounpour, Kourosh, , USA, Washington, DC.114. Homayounpour, Shohreh, Teacher- USA, Washington DC115. Honarmand, Manouchehr, Journalist - Holand116. Hosseini, Mirali, Actor/Journalist, France, Paris117. Hosseinzadeh, Jafar, Political Activist – Belgium118. Houshmand, Zara, Writer – USA, Houston119. Irani, Nikki, Human Rights Activist- USA120. Irani, Sholeh, Editor-in-Chief –121. Irvani, Arash, (M. Saghi) Poet, Germany Dusseldorf122. Jabbari, Reza, Reasercher - Sweden, Gutenberg123. Jaddeh, Mohsen, Journalist/Translator - Germany124. Jafari, Reza, Theatre Director - Germany125. Jafari, Sedighe, Human Rights Activist - Germany, Hanover126. Javadi, Akram, Director of Ida Bookstore - Germany127. Javdan, Hamidreza, Actor/ Theatre Director - France, Paris128. Javid, Jahanshah, Publisher, – Mexico, Chihuahua129. Jazani, Mihan, Writer/Activist – France, Paris130. Kakhsaz, Naser, Political analyst – Germany, Bochum131. Kalbasi, Sheema, Poet – USA, Washington132. Kamali, Shaghayegh, Singer/ Music Lecturer – Germany, Münster133. Kamrani, Ali, Stage Actor/ Song Writer – Germany, Frankfurt134. Karami, Nasser, Political Analyst - Germany135. Karimi, Behzad, Political Activist, Netherland 136. Kassraei, Farhang, Writer/Actor – Germany, Wiesbaden137. Kaviany, Massoud, Professor University Michigan– USA Michigan138. Kavir, Mahmood, Poet/Writer - England139. Kazemi, Monireh, Women Rights Activist - Germany140. Keshavarz, Mehran, Human Rights Activist - Norway141. Khabazian, Reza, Human Rights Supporter - USA142. Khayam, Zohreh, Women Right Activist - USA143. Khoi, Esmail, Writer/Poet – England, London144. Khojinian, Hadi, Poet/ Writer – England145. Khorami, Tahere, Human Rights Activist – Holand146. Khorrami, Hossein, Political Activist – Germany, Essen147. Khorsandi, Hadi, Satirist – Great Britain, London148. Khosroparviz, Keikhosro, Political Activist, Sweden149. Khosrozadeh, Behrooz, Journalist/ Political science Reasercher – Germany150. Kiarostami, Kia, Film Producer, Germany, Berlin151. Koohgilani, Parvin, Editor Shahrvand - USA, Texas152. Kowsari, Hamid, Director of New Technology Training Institute, USA Los Angeles153. Laghaeian, Shahriar, Medical Doctor – USA, Seattle154. Lalejini, Ali, Translator - Sweden155. Lavaei, Mehrdad, Human Rights Activist – Holand156. Madadi, Shabnam, Physician/ Human Rights Supporter - Germany157. Madjlessi, Darius, Political Activist – Holand158. Maghssudnia, Manochehr, Political Activist – Germany, Berlin159. Mahbaz, Efat, Women rights activist /Journalist– England, London160. Mahdjoubi, Ali, Member of Parliamet - Germany, Berlin161. Mahjoubi, Ebrahim, Human Rights Activist – Germany, Cologne162. Malakooty, Sirus, Classical Guitar Player/ Composer/ Lecturer - England, London163. Malekzadeh, Ali, Human Rights Activist164. Manoo, Missaghi, Social Analyst, Canada, Toronto165. Masoudi, Banafsheh, Reasercher – France, Paris166. Massoumi, Bahram, Writer/Activist - Germany167. Masumian, Nima, Teacher – Spain168. Mazhar, Varya, Writer/ Poet – Finnlands, Helsinki169. Mehr, Bijan, Political Activist – USA, Boston170. Mirfakhrai, Mehran, Architect/ Human Rights Supporter – Italy171. Miremadi, Bijan, Professor University Vancouver – Canada Vancouver172. Mir Mobini, Hossein, Journalist – USA, California173. Mir Sattari, Anwar, President of EuroPers Human Rights – Belgium, Brussel174. Moghaddas, Mehran, Play writer/Theatre Director – Denmark, Copenhagen175. Mohamadi, Majid, Professor/Writer/Reasercher – USA, NY176. Moheb, Robab, Writer/ Poet - Sweden177. Mohtasham, Yashar, Activist – France, Paris178. Mokhtari, Sohrab, Writer, Germany, Berlin179. Morad, Daryoush, Human Rights Activist - Germany, Cologne180. Moshkin Ghalam, Shahrokh, Actor/Dancer – France, Paris181. Mossaed, Jila, Poet/Writer - Sweden, Göteborg.182. Mossallanejad, Ezat, Writer/Human right Activist, CCVT – Canada, Toronto183. Naghibzadeh, Fathiyeh, Germany, Berlin184. Nakhai, Shahbaz, Journalist – Canada185. Nazarian, Arsen, Translator - Holand186. Nejad, Mohsen, Political Activist – USA, California187. Nejati, Ahmad, Human Rights Supporter - Belgium188. Niroumand, Bahman, Writer/Journalist – Germany, Berlin189. Noghrekar, Masoud, Writer – USA Florida190. Nourmanesh, Shirindokht, Writer/ Activist – USA, California191. Nowzari, Hamid, Political Activist - Germany, Berlin192. Omidmehr, Ali Akbar, Researcher/ Professor - Denmark193. Omidmehr, Ashraf Sadat, Teacher/ Human Rights Activist – Denmark194. Omidnehr, Mahraz, professor - Denmark195. Omid, Mahzad, Reasercher/Professor - Denmark 196. Ostovar, Yavar, Poet - Sweden197. Pak Anna, Asyeh, Women right activist – France198. Paki, Morteza, Human Right Activist, Canada199. Parham, Babak, Poet - USA200. Parsa, Kourosh, Human Rights Activist - USA201. Parsa, Soheil, Theatre Director - Canada Toronto202. Parsi, Touradj, Researcher/Ex-Professor - Sweden203. Payandeh, Mehrdad, DGB Director, Germany, Hanover204. Pegahi, Mahshid, Women Rights Activist - Germany205. Pourmandi, Ahmad, Political Activist – Germany, Munich 206. Pour-Naghavi, Ali, Political Activist, Holand207. Rafiee, Keyvan, Human Rights Activist – Iran208. Rahbari, Alexander, Composer/ Music Professor – Austria Vienna209. Rahimi, Khosro, Radio Producer - Sweden, Gutenberg210. Rahnamaee, M.J., Music Reasercher/ Poet - Holand211. Ramezani, Rahim, Political Activist – Turkey Van212. Ranjbar, Darvish, Former Diplomat of IR of Iran.213. Ranjbar, Kazem, Political Sociology Scientist – France, Paris214. Rashedan, Nima, Political Reasercher/Analyst – Swiss215. Rashidi, Asad, writer/Poet - Germany216. Rastgar, Iraj, Human Rights Activist – USA, Texas217. Rasti, Mahshid, Women/Human Rights Activist- Sweden, Stockholm218. Razavi, Rasoul, Human Rights Activist – Germany Bonn219. Roshan, Mitra, Journalist – Canada, Montreal220. Saadati, Mansoor, Chemist – Canada, Edmonton221. Sabety, Setareh, Writer/Teacher – France, Nice222. Sadr, Hamid, Writer – Germany223. Sadreddin, Zahed, Actor/Teather Director – France, Paris224. Safaei, E., Poet/Political Activist – Germany, Colonia225. Sahimi, Muhammad Professor, University of Southern California – USA, California226. Sakhaee, Manoucher, Singer/Jurnalist – Germany227. Salary, Babak, Photograph - Canada228. Samadpouri, Ali, Political Activist – Belgium229. Samadany, Faramarz, Chemist - USA230. Samienejad, Mojtaba, Journalist, Iran231. Sarhaddi, Arash, Actor/Teather Director - Germany, Berlin232. Sarshar, Homa, Writer/Journalist – USA, Los Angeles233. Sedghi, Majid, Journalist – Franc, Paris234. Sehati, Parisa, Women Rights Activist - Sweden235. Seihoun, Farideh, Professor, Framingham State College- USA236. Servati, Mojgan, Sosiologist/Writer/Reasercher - Germany237. Setoodeh, Behrouz, Political Analyst - USA238. Shabafrooz, Masood, Human Rights Activist – USA California239. Shafaei, Javad, Italia, Roma240. Shafaei, Manuchehr, Artist/Activist, Germany241. Shafie, Minoo, Human Rights Activist - Denmark242. Shafigh, Shahla,( Chahla Chafiq) Writer/Researcher – France, Paris243. Shamshiri, Fariborz, Human Rights Activist - Canada244. Shemiranie, Khosro, Journalist - Canada, Montreal245. Sheyda. Behrooz, Literary Critic/Theorist- Sweden, Stockholm246. Shirazi, Jahangir, Journalist/Activist – Holand247. Simai, Behrouz, Poet/Writer - USA248. Sina, Bijan, Medical Doctor - Germany249. Sobhani, Sohrab, International Affairs Consultant - USA, Washington, DC250. Sohi, Siamak , human Rights Activist - Denmark251. Soltani, Anwar, Reasercher - England252. Taghipoor, Masoomeh, Actor/Theatre Director - Sweden, Göteborg.253. Tahavori, Mohammad, Journalist, USA, MA Cambridge254. Tavackoli, Shahin, Medical Doctor – USA, Huston255. Torabi, Mohammad, Telcom Research Scientist - USA, Dana Point256. Vahdat, Kamran, Professor – USA, Amherst257. Vahdati, Soheila, Human Rights Activist – USA, California258. Yadegari, Shahrokh, Composer/Professor University Of California - USA, California259. Yousefi, Nasser, Teather Director/Radio Producer – Sweden, Stockholm260. Youssefi, Hadi, Human Rights Activist – Denmark261. Zahed, Sadreddin, Stage Actor/ theatre Director – France, Paris262. Zahedi, Mitra, Theatre Director – Germany, Berlin263. Zandian, Mandana, Medical Doctor/Writer/Poet – USA264. Zarasvand, Hossein, Poet – Toronto Canada265. Zarei, Faramarz, Actor – China266. Zeinali, Lohrasb, Political Activist – Germany267. Zerehi, Hassan, Editor-in-chief of Shahrvand, Canada, Toronto

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