Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Naser Zarafshan is banned to leav the country!
Mr. Zarafshan is a member of "Iran writers Association" and " Iran Lawyers Society ". He is as well lawyer for the family's of the victims of "chain murdering" in 1988.
Mr. Zarafshan was invited to European Parliament by the president of all Europe Green Party and coordinator between Iran & Europe of the European parliament.He was to participate and discuss on environmental issues in Iran and the future of the relation of Iran and Europe.
Mr. Zarafshan in speaking with "Radio Farda" said: "He was banned to leave the country in Tehran airport" and his passport is taken away by security agents of Iran Government.
Mr. Zarafshan said: After taking my passport, the agents gave me a letter and said, on May, meaning 10 months ago , i had a case file in court , and because of it , ican't leave the country."
Mr. Zarafshan said : This is a pretext to take my passport away and i dont think i have a case file in the court , because i dont live underground and have been summoned to the court for several times in the past months and if there was a file it was easy for them to summon, to arrest or detaine me.
Upto now many Iranian writers, journalists and personalities have been banned to leave the country by Islamic Republic officials.


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