Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poorabdolah's mom: "The world must know what the Islamic Republic do with our childeren!"

Mohammad Poorabdolah the chemistry student of the University of Tehran is an imprisoned student who is in prison since February of this year. On last Monday the Islamic Republic prison officials transferred him from "Ghazal Hesar " prison to ward number 209 of Evin prison .He was transferred because at the prosecution , he didn't admit the charges against him. The court officials told her family that, since Mohammad didn't admit the charges against him, he will be brought back to solitary confinement for more interrogation.
While his mother was worried about her son , she said: My question from the officials is this: "As a mother do i have any right to know about the situation of my son , and do i have right to see him?"
It has been saidthat , since his transfer to ward number 209 , he has been banned for visiting and phoning his family and his family have no knews about him.
His mother did everything including writing letter to commission number 90 of the parliament about the situation but recieved no response.
At the end while exhusted she said : " Tell to everyone that , to the end I'm behind my son, " she then added: If the Islamic Republic court won't clear his situation , I swear that i will kill myself in the court, so that the world understand , in this country what they do with our children ."

Mohammad was arrested with Alireza Dawoodi ( spokesperson of Isfahan University students with tendency to left). Alireza is expelled from school because of his political and student rights activities. Alireza is 25 years old.At present Alireza is in Isfahan city "Dastgerd" prison.

In the past, Mohammad Poorabdolah was arrested on December during Ministry of Information raid on student with tendency to left and many time went under severe pressure by Ministry of Information.


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