Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The birth of " Solidarity for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran"

A group of national personalities , members of political parties, organizations , civil and union rights activists, who agreed to be loyal to national sovereignty, independence, republic willing, democratic principle, human rights and fundamentals of freedom, have come together and brought a solidarity known as " Solidarity for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran" .
The following principles are what the group is going to be loyal to and the group has asked all Iranian and free willings of the world to help the group to achieve these demands :
1-Sovereignty and independance.
2-To accept the context of United Nations charter , the universal declaration of human rights and its covenants.
3-The rule of law ascended from the free willpower of people
4-To change the constitution and remove articles that are contradictory to national sovereignty.
5-Separation of religion from Government.
6- To emphasize on democracy, human rights and fundamental of freedoms.
7-To emphasize on equality of the rights of all nationalies.
8-To emphasize on the equality of woman and man.
9- Elemination of all kinds of sexual , racial,ethnic , openion and faith discrimination .
10-Elemination of all kinds of violence and torture either through legal or arbiterary channels.
11-Protection of Farsi language as the root source of culture, unity and historical and national identity and to respect and embrace other languages in Iran.
12-Multilateral developement of socio-economic together with developement of social justice and elemination of all kinds of exploitation .
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