Tuesday, July 07, 2009

IRAN 7 July 2009
Correpondent's "confession" posted by news agency; photographer released
SOURCE: Committee to Protect Journalists Iran releases some journalists, vilifies foreign press (CPJ/IFEX) - New York, June 30, 2009 -

The Committee to Protect Journaliststoday called on the Iranian authorities to immediately release all jailedjournalists and to stop vilifying the foreign press.

CPJ also welcomed therelease of a number of employees of the reformist newspaper Kalameh Sabzwho had been held since June 23. In recent days, the Iranian government has launched a campaign designed tomalign the foreign press, blaming demonstrations that followed thecontested June 12 presidential elections on foreign news media,particularly British and U.S. news outlets. On June 19, Supreme LeaderAyatollah Ali Khamenei blamed foreign media for social unrest, calling it"evil" for allegedly misleading and agitating the Iranian people. Accordingto Iranian news reports, an official also claimed that the BBC, notgovernment gunmen, had shot Neda Agha Soltan, the demonstrator whose deathwas caught on camera and broadcast across the world, purportedly to agitatethe people of Iran against the government.



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