Thursday, August 20, 2009

Iran, everone must get involve to bring a modern society!

We do not forget what we have faced in our life time history and the history of Iran when we read it, full of pain , bloodshed , war , dictatorship, despotism,treason,nationalism , human rights violation, martyrdom ,bravery, sacrifice and many many social, cultural and political phenomenon. In our history there were political personalities who thought about a better future for Iran , a modern Iran , a democratic Iran ,and they tried their outmost to achieve their goal , and there were also people and personalities either religious or secular who betrayed Iran and their own country , one of such group of people are the current regime of coup d'etat. Ahmadinejad , hojatoleslam Khamenei , Firouzabadi, Jafari, Shariatmadari, Mesbah Yazdi, Mortazavi, Taeb and so many of big or small people also doing their outmost to stop Iran and Iranian to achieve a modern deomcracy for Iran.
But despite of all their effort , we the Iranian with all our differences who think to bring a civil society in Iran must get united and involve to work hard and make the whole Iran a workshop for human rights and civil rights issues, learn and practice the democratic understanding in our
daily life.
Iranian religious or secular must start a new begining to continue the path of reform and human rights in a "united human rights movement".
We have come a long way, more than 12 years active participation in civil rights issues.Journalists for human rights must write more about human rights understanding and build a modern society from bottom to top.
Iranian people , women and men have this potential and no one can stop them.


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