Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sardar Mohamad Reza Naghadi was appointed as the head of Basij militia.Who is Naghadi?Taeb a criminal left the post and another criminal was appointed

Who is Mohammad Reza Naghadi?

Seyed Ebrahim Nabavi the Iranian satyrist wrote in his column in Rooz online aabout who really is Naghadi:

1-He is born in Iraq and at the age of 15 he learnt Farsi with the accent.

2-After revolution he came to Iran and for many years he was member of Iraqi terrorist .He then changed his citizenship , for a while he became Lebanese terrorist and later he became Iranian terrorist group.

3-For a while he was the interrogator of captive Iraqis from Iran-Iraq war, then he became the interrogator of Tehran mayors, then he was the interrogator of " 18th Tir" (At the time of student uprising) and then he became the interrogator of "Kahrizak " ( the recent prison compound which is under investigation by the regime for the killing of hundreds of young Iranian post election protesters.

4-He has experience in terrorist activities in Lebanon , Iraq, France, Yugoslavia and Iran .

5- He is expert in taking confession on immoral relationship -Adultry

6- Because of organizing an armed bandito for taking bribs, doing murder and rape he was arrested and spent sometimes in the jail.

7- He played a rol in beating up Mr. Mahajerani ( a reformist minister ) and Nouri ( another reformist minister ).

What he hasn't done is that he didn't participate in the August 1953 coup d'etat, and that was because ;he wasn't born yet.

And the only period of his life he did do terroristic activity was when for two weeks he went in Saudi Arabia for "Haj" ceremony.
This man is now the head of Basij militia.
He must be brought to International court for crime against humanity.


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