Sunday, November 29, 2009

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Is the front line human rights news services in English.

Latest news in this weekend:

1-Ayatollah Montazeri on Basij Militia:
Basij means Basij in the path of God and not Satan. Ayatollah Montazeri also demanded on the prevention of Nuclear weapon. He said: The philosophy behind organizing Basij was: "Basij in the path of God."
2-Few days remained to December 7 the "Student Day " in Iran , according to a report by IRNA :the Minister of Science demanded the university professors be controlled!
On Thursday Minister of Science Mr. kamran Daneshju in an speech demanded the university professors be controlled. This is because many professors from various universities are criticizing the policy of Ahmadinejad Government and show support for students.
3-Mohsen Makhmalbaf the Iranian film maker who won many international award for his films and was a supporter of the Islamic Republic most of his life, but in reform years he became a supporter for change.
A few days ago after receiving the international "Freedom for Creative Art " award he had dedicated it to Ayatollah Montazeri.


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