Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nationwide protest on Monday December 7,2009 the Student Day in Iran!

The protest will start from a night before. people are going to the rooftop of their houses and buildings and will chant " Alah o Akbar".
This was reported by many website. In the meantime, the disfunctional regime of ahmadinejad is arresting students and detaining them for the fear of national uprising on Student Day in Iran. the protest seems getting bigger and the regime of coup d'etat is becoming smaller . errosion among regime supporters had started long before the election. Musavi has released his 15th statement. In his statement he called the Basij militia to join the people and return to the early revolution mandate. Mr. Musavi said: There is no color above the black color and those who dress in a way to scare people are infact afraid of people.


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