Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ahmadinejad Government has confiscated the Noble Peace Prize of Shirin Ebadi !

All Shirin Ebadi's international awards including Noble Peace Prize were stollen by Ahmadinejads Government !

shirin Ebadi:
Recently i have noticed that the Islamic Republic have blocked all my bank accounts,which was personal. Even the retirement salary from my 15 years judgement service which i was receiving was blocked.More important , the personal accounts of my husband and his retirement sallary was also confiscated. this is interesting because my husband has nothing to do with my activities and his job is something else and retirement salary can't be confiscated by law or any other condition.
Ms. shirin Ebadi's family members including sister bank account have been blocked by the Islamic Republic government. All her international awards including the Noble Peace Prize was confiscated from her home with the order of Ahmadinejad's government and by the agents.

In an interview with German Radio (DW) she spoke about the behavior of this government towards her family members.

On the question about threat against her, she replied:
the Iranian Government has increased threats against me , against my security and against my life from one and a half year ago,and also tried to restrict my work. As such, they have closed the office of the "Association of Human Rights defenders in Iran". Several people as 'Basiji" attacked my office, I called police , the police were just laughing and looking at the situation and many other restrictions. And recently the government have announced that i have to pay back $400,000 taxes to the government on the Noble Peace Prize award .this is while according to the tax law the awards are exempted from government taxes.
They have also put pressure on my sister, brother and my husband, but of course, they have filed complaint against the government.They have no right to put pressure or threaten my relatives because of my relation with them. what was more interesting was that ; the ministry of information has sent two of its employees to speak with my sister and to convince or threaten her to move out from the building because i also live there and they have told her , if she won't change her house they will make trouble for her childerens who are students and they have also received the lay off notice from her employer the Ministry of Health, this is all because she lives with me in a building.

They have banned my husbands travel to abroad,and this is all to force me to stop my human rights activities which is of course a vain imagination. Because all the work that i do is limited to the laws of Iran and i will never stop that.And i would like to explain that ;in my husbands bank safe box , i had a few of my own personal awards including the Noble Peace Prize and "Legion de honour " , a free expression ring which i had received from the "German Association of journalists " and several other awards were in that safe.adding to that is the building of the Association of Human Rights Defenders which i bought with the Noble Peace Prize money which is closed with the order of the government and the Noble peace Prize is also confiscated by the government.
I must applause to all the illegal (Shirin Ebadi:above the law) conducts of the government of Iran that confiscates the international awards.

when the ministers of this regime can have fake degrees or fake hounourary diploma from Oxford University what else you can expect?! and you know the worse things, the head of judiciary power does nothing but support this government !
Interviw by : Jamshid Faroughi-DW
Editing by : Dawood Khodabakhsh-DW


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