Monday, November 16, 2009

As protest grow,Islamic republic regime becoms smaller!

109 worldwide human rights organizations have supported the voice of the protest in Iran and have heard the people of Iran and in solidarity jointly signed a statement asking UN to condemn Iran for violation of human rights.

This is a great victory for Iranian youth, women and people in general.

Organizations from many countries including Palestine have signed the petition and urged UN to condemn Iran for violating the rights of its citizenz.

Although the regime of coup d'etat continues to suppress the peaceful protest in Iran and Khamenei is showing sign of deafness and blindness for doing nothing about all these injustices, then must prepare itself for what may come in the future as it has come on 1978-79 .

In the meantime Iranian students from all over Iran are preparing for yet another nationwide protest on December 7 the national student day .

It seems this is the slogan , since the regime and Khamenei continue to ignor the people:
No justice No peace
And let it be.....As the protest grow , Islamic republic regime becoms smaller!


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