Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IRAN WATCH CANADA warns the UN about the Islamic Republic regime taking Iranian people as hostage!

Iranian people need you now ! There are hundereds of unreported murdering and killing of innocent Iranian people who simply do not want this regime. Regime officials warn the oppositions , either to stop criticizing the regime or bear the consequences that for example their son or daughter may vanish or may be killed by car crash or something else!???? No joking , imagin that... if prosecutor of the justice system will threaten you to stop your opposition or else you , your son/daughter and brother will be killed .....what would you do / what can you do/ you feel helpless and traped / you feel like being a hostage/ and you know what? , it happens / it really happens and happened for many familys. No wonder this regime is the number one enemy of the journalists , because they are the only monitoring body and investigators of the crime commited by the regime agents.
Since 1980 right after the revolution this regime has carried out terrorist activities inside and outside of Iran and as a result many dissident have been killed or murdered by the regime mobs.
Many of the regime thugs savegery shown by Iranian citizen journalists through youtube is the only documented material available for all to see. To see what they do with peaceful demonstrators. This is not the middle age, or 18th century era, this is the age of human rights revolution and post modern era where the information technology made our world smaller .
I dont know what more i can do for my country and people who are the hostage of this regime.
What can we do with the officials of this regime, ha....?

Just tears can wash my anger,
The best anger management.


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