Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Reporters from embassy's of the western democratic countries must help report about nation wide protest of the people of Iran on November 4

The regime of coup d'etat is trying its outmost to prevent the news of the nation wide protest against the regime of coup d'etat to come out of Iran. As i'm writing this lines it is night time in Iran and according to the news, there are earthquake in Iran, voices of "Alaho Akbar" and " death to dictator" is coming from the rooftop of the houses in Tehran, especially in " Saadat Abad". According to another news, people continue chanting on the rooftops in other part of Tehran as they are preparing themselves for the nation wide protest tomorrow November 4. Freelance writers , bloggers writes: "Freedom is close....."

Another writes : We have to give another shock to the regime of coup d'etat while they are in fear of tomorrow's nationwide protest" .
The report goes on and on ......


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