Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green movement and its leaders! Its first and formost leaders are the young Iranian women and men from all walks of life!

Picture: Montazeri and Nouri

Now that the people of Iran are preparing themselves for a nation wide protest ( November 4 )against the regime of coup d'etat, more personalities are joining the people !
In the past, following personalities were critical with the policy of the Islamic Republic among them :Ayatollah Montazeri, Ayatolah Sanei, Mohammad Khatami, Abdolah Nouri, Mehdi Karoubi and Mir Hossain Musavi ( became active after presidential election), Hassan Khomeini ( grandson of Khomeini), Alireza Beheshti ( Son of Behesti ) , Ayatolah Taheri, Ayatollah Musavi Ardabili, Musavi Khoeiniha and many more.

But one particular person is Abdolah Nouri:

Abdolah Nouri the interior minister of reformist Mohammad Khatami Government is a very well known reformist personality who was not only the interior minister and spent five years in prison but also the manager in charge of reformist Salam newspaper which was closed down . It was the closure of Salam newspaper which sparked protest by student known as " 18th 0f Tir" which shoke Iran for 6 days in 1997.

Mr. Nouri in a recent statement which has been reported widely have said: The regime must evaluate its past and see if its conduct was positive , if the regimes answer is yes it was positive , then I would suggest the regime to continue what it has been doing so far , but if the regime answer is no and it has realized in the last few months its conducts didn't have positive result, my suggestion is to change its conduct and to apologize.

He added:

Regime which trys its best to silence people must know that; it can't regain the trust of the people.Although the people won't say anything up in front but will build their anger behind against the regime , this situation would become very expensive for the regime and people who feel not safe to speak up in front they will carry their opinions in their house and then they may express their thoughts out of legal or Government control channels.Regime must change its conduct before it is too late , or else it is the regime that must be replaced.


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