Thursday, October 22, 2009

Press Freedom Violations: Iran rank 173 out of 176 countries of the world!

It is sad to say and the world must know that ; Iran has a government which acts against its own country and people. Isn't it funny? and this Government is the ultra conservative Government of Mahmoudi Ahmadinejad.

It is also notable that the people of Iran are more educated than the government officials.That is why the officials are trying to show they have doctorate degrees and diplomas from Oxford or ..... but mostly as a result of investigation came to be fake, imagine that?! Ahmadinejad's government is nothing but a revolutionary guards government or a militia government.Adding to this is that ;Iran is a country with 70 percent of its population less than 30 years old with great knowledge of computer and information.

It is really sad to hear Iran ( formerly known as Persia up to 1935 ) with great history and with infact first human rights charter almost 2500 years ago rank 173 out of 176 countries on freedom of press.

Reporters without border (RSF) released the result of press freedom in 2009 by ranking the countries around the world. As a result Iran got the place of 173 out of 176 countries. The ranking was conducted from September 2008-September 2009.

A quick look just in IRAN WATCH CANADA will give you a brief conduct of violation of human rights , freedom of expression ,media violation and violation against journalists by the government of Ahmadinejad.

After the presidential election more than 4000 Iranian protesters were arrested by the regime of coup d'etat. Many of whome were just journalist , human rights advocates, civil rights activists and reformist officials. just in the last few months since June, this government has murdered 72 of its own people for just peacefully marching in the streets protesting the election cheating. This regime also buried many in mass inside graves at night time without leting their families to say goodbye with their dear ones.No wonder why the youth are determind to bring this regime of coup d'etat down and calling everyone out on a national day of action on November 4 and December 7 and Feb.11 .

This regime has banned the foreign reporters to report from Iran and has also arrested and murdered some of them like the case of Zahra Kazemi and imprisoned them like Roxana Saberi and Maziar Bahari and expelled many of them from the country. This regime has banned the sattelite dishes to bring total media blackout to its own people who have thirst to know and learn.

In recent court hearings which was as big as the parliament of Iran, the regimes'quasi judicial system put almost hundereds of Iranian, some of them the best sons and daughters of this country on trial to show that, this regime won't like anything and anybody who try to bring Iran on a better ranking in the world among countries.

I just want to ask Mr. Sadegh Larijani the head of regime judiciary system and his brother Javad Larijani the head of human rights in the Islamic Republic that: What has Mr. Ahmad Zeidabadi, Mr. Bahman Amouei , Mr. Saharkheiz , Mr. Ghuchani , Mr. Bastani , Ms. Hengameh Shahidi and so many others do to deserve imprisonment for time and time again and again? why?

Why this regime enjoy hanging young offenders who commited crime at the age when they didn't know what they were doing? Hanging kids, puting rop around their neck while they cry and beg not to kill them, but doing so anyway and letting them die is just inhuman as inhuman as this regime and people of Iran specially the young Iranian will give a good lesson to this regime in the coming future.


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