Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maziar Bahari the Canadian- Iranian journalist will be with his wife when she is delivering their first child!

Maziar Bahari a canadian-Iranian journalist and film maker was arrested together with more than 4000 Iranian journalists, human rights advocates and political personalities during the protest against the presidential election fraud. On that protest more than 70 people have been killed and 300 people are still in the prison today.

Maziar Bahari is 42 years old and was working for Newsweek magazin in Iran when arrested.

He have also worked in the past for BBC and English channel 4 .

Maziar Bahari was released on 300,000,000 million Tuman ( $300,000 ) bail and after spending 118 days in Evin prison.

Many Islamic Republic officials in the past have said that ; Maziar Bahari was member of a network which were working to overthrow Islamic Republic through a "velvet revolution".

After review of the file the crown requested for his release and Tehran prosecutor had also promised for his release in the past.

IRAN WATCH CANADA will bring you more news about Maziar if there are any news from the pages of media inside the Iran.

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