Monday, October 12, 2009

The Islamic Republic regime and the policy of reppression over "The Association of Iranian Journalists" !

the building of the "Association of Iranian Journalists" was forced to a closure on Aug. 5 ,2009 by former Tehran prosecutors' office. Since then representative of the association approched Tehran prosecutors office asking the reason behind the closure?!

The story on the closure of the Association of Iranian Journalists become an an interesting scenario to read. It is interesting to read because two months ago at night time the association office was ordered to closure, but until know no one knows who made the complaint against the association?! said Ms. Badrolsadat Mofidi the president of the Association of Iranian Journalists speaking with ILNA reporter. She addede : After two months still we are searching for the complainants.The former Tehran prosecutor was judge Mortazavi and the present prosecutor is judge Jafari Dolatabadi.
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