Thursday, October 08, 2009

Karoubi speaks about the crimes committed in the Islamic Republic!

Mr. Mehdi Karoubi's response to Ahmadinejad's fals statement in the interview with American PBS.

As you know on Tuesday night the channel one of Sima (Iranian TV) showed the interview of Charlie Rose of PBS with Ahmadinejad. Charlie Rose asked Ahmadinejad about the situation after the election and the rape in the prisons.Mr. Ahmadinejad in response said : Mr. Karoubi spoke about this and when the three member delegate of judiciary power requested documents from him , he said : I was angry when i said that and i dont have any document.

Alas that lying about the truth became the unchangeable culture of the head of the executive branch. I dont know what charactristic NY has whenever he goes there, his individual charactristic becomes double. unfortunately, the Islamic Republic Sima ( The national TV )becomes a tool for propagating this culture which would directly result in people lose confidence to national media.

Mr. Karoubi by rejecting Ahmadinejad's response and for informing the great Iranian people said:" The beloved people must know that; I have received serious shocking news which were coming from legal and illegal prisons against the sons of this country who were just demanding their legal rights.It was my religiouse ,legal, national and humane duty to announce and not to allow aggression to the life, property ,chastity and greatness of the people become the usual event in the Islamic Republic. After the appointment of delegates from the head of judiciary power , we had good meetings and i have given the information to the three member delegate for the reason that they will follow and punish the aggressors. All of a sudden and instead of following the shocking events, attacks has started on me by those who have sold their religion and the office of Etemade Melli and my personal office was closed and another copy of document about the crimes was received by the officials. I reject the lies that have been said in that interview and will continue to follow about the crimes that have been committed by perpetrators.........

I ask the so called national TV to give me or to my representative 1/3 rd of the time given to prosecutor and let us explain to the people the dimention of this crime and let the people who are the real owner of this country like a jury to judge between us and you......


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