Monday, October 12, 2009

I hate that Islam which orders to hang young offenders!

Cartoon by : Nikahang Kowsar

You remember young offender Behnoud Shojaei, he was hanged the other day by the order of the Islamic Republic newly appointed head of judiciary power Mohammad Sadegh Larijani .

You know what makes me angery, they let this kids get older and then they hang them. The way they hanged this young boy is so sad that i don't want to repeat it, but for the record :Apparently the young boy begged the parents of the victim to forgive him , Behnoud's neck was in the rope and his feet was on a steel stand and the parents then removed the stand and the kid was let to die that way. How could a regime let the parents of a victim to becom so cruel to murder a young boy even, even as revenge. This regime is sick and making my country sick. Hearing this kind of justice makes me to vomit on Islam.
The Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran in a statement again asked this regime to stop the execution of young offenders and the execution of four Iranian who are going to be executed and according to the regime are the supporter of Mojahedin and Monarchy.


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