Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The head of the human rights headquarter in the judiciary power: Musavi was after coup d'etat!

More about the three stooges!

I dont know which one is he?

Three brothers -Ali Larijani is the head of parliament- Mohammad Sadegh is the head of judiciary power and Mohammad javad is the head of human rights in the Islamic regime.
Mohammad Javad Larijani the head of the human rights headquarter in judiciary power in speaking with Fars news told:

"Musavi was after coup d'etat"!

"Those who called themselves president of the country at 11:00pm of the night of June 12 , 2009 were after coup d'etat, but their coup d'etat was defeated" !This is what the head of the human rights headquarter said today.
As a head of human rights headquarter he said:" We should know under who's flag we are?"

In another comment he added:
"We should never stay in front of "Velayat Faghih" (he means the leader) and we should never go out of its circle".

He also said: "The Islamic Republic wants to establish a civil society based on religious thoughts and all of us must work to fatten this idea ."

This is a governmental human rights and not an NGO , so what he says is not human rights at all . The Shah of Iran had also human rights commission and her sister was the head of human rights , that was a mistake.
I'm not against Government for having a human rights commission or headquarter but to report and speak the truth about human rights and if there are violation of human rights to speak about it.

Why no one wants to learn from the history?

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