Sunday, October 18, 2009

The head of judiciary power: The officials must try to make the appearance of the human rights in the Islamic Republic to become acceptable!

Mr. Sadegh Larijani the head of the judiciary power in speaking with reporters emphasized that; the officials must try to make the human rights appearance of the country to become more acceptable and trustworthy so that the international human rights organizations won't have any pretext to put pressure against Islamic Republic.
Mr. Larijani said : Islam has opinion about the human rights discourse , and with the help of Islamic scholars we must identify and strengthen the discourse of the Islamic human rights and find out how much of the western human rights and their covenants are conform with the Islamic human rights.

What is the Islamic human rights anyway?
Imagin if all religious group in the world create their own human rights code? what would happen to the world?
We are all human , why can't we have a universal human rights?
Like the one we have now.
you have written a Islamic constitution and you even dont follow that constitution. In the constitution peaceful gathering is guaranteed , but look what you did , you killed 70 young Iranian in a peaceful protest against elction fraud?
Islamic human rights !? Do you think the Iranian people will believe you?


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