Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Iran is facing nation wide protest in the coming months,starting with Nov. 4, Dec. 7 and Feb.11 !

Many journalists, photojournalists , human rights advocates who were feeling not safe have left Iran because of persecution by the regime of coup d'etat.

One of thoes left the country is Mr. Javad Moghimi the former photojournalist of "Fars News Agency" a pro -government news agency.

This 24 years old photojournalist in an interview with New York Times said; he emotionally joined the protest, he then added:

"The protesters were young like me, it was impossible to stay neutral, i was feeling that i have a duty to take picture and to bring their voices abroad".

Mr. Moghimi's picture was published in cover page of Time's magazin. He said:

One of his picture was printed on the cover page of Time magazin as not knowing who took the picture. He said he never told anyone he was the one who took the picture.

Mr. Moghimi said: He met one of his colleague who spent a month in jail and he was frightened.

Then , a few days later the manager of Fars news agency warned that : "We have news that two of our photojournalist have taken picture of the protesters in secret and have sent it to foreign medias , we are waiting for more information and we will deal with them" .

Mr. Moghimi not feeling safe anymore and with first flight escaped to Turkey and applied for refugee status in UNHCR.

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