Friday, October 23, 2009

Human rights, loud and louder! Are we not loud enough about the violation of human rights in Iran?

Why the nuclear issue talks take too long?
For how long we have been hearing about this issue now?
Why sometimes talks about Iran's nuclear issue disappears and all of a sudden it appears again? Is there no other things in Iran and around the world to talk to or to deal with ?
If the issue is so important, why not to continue until it is done and to get rid of it? This issue has been going on and on and on like the issue of Osama Bin Laden.When really this issues must vanish from peoples TV screen once and for all ? I'm not skeptic, i'm hopeful that the issue will be dealt with, but there are other important issues too. So don't let those regime or groups fool you or be fooled. For example whenever the world public are angry or cry loud about other issues like the violation of human rights , the Iranian regime for example instead of dealing with the issue and responding to the world and UN human rights council, it plays with the magic card of nuclear issue and rhetorics on Israel holocaust issue and others !? This is because; they have learnt how to play with you.

IRAN WATCH CANADA is against all kinds of nuclear arsenals. It strives for clean environment, peace,freedom and human rights.In facts it beleives in :
No more Hiroshima!
No more Nagazaki!
No nuclear weapon anywhere in the world including Iran!
But IRAN WATCH CANADA's concern is the human rights in Iran.
Dont let the regime in Iran play game with you.


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