Monday, October 26, 2009

Jila Baniyaghoub: I dedicate my award to my journalist colleagues who are in prison!

Jila Baniyaghoub on an interview with Mitra Shojaei from the Radio Germany " Deutsche Welle" (DW) have said:

I would like to take the opportunity and tell that; I really want to dedicate this award to my journalist colleagues who are currently in prison and really i wanted they have won this award instead of me and now, the only thing that i can do is, to dedicate this award to those journalists who are in prison and in a very hard condition and their only charge is doing their profession and working as a journalist.

Jila Baniyaghoub is the manager of the website of the "Association of Iranian Women" and journalist of the Hamshahri, Khordad, Aftabe Emrouz and Sarmayeh newspaper.She is also one of the advocate of the "One Million Signature " campaign and she was one of those 70 people who was arrested three years ago in "Seven Tir " Square.These people were gathered there to protest against the discriminatory laws against the women.

She said : Award was always the topic in her interrogation, the interrogators were asking why she has received the award?

Her husband,Bahman Ahmadi Amouie another hard working and brave journalist, have been arrested together with many other journalists including Ahmad Zeidabadi, Said Leilaz, Mohammad Ghochani, Masoud Bastani , Hengameh Shahidi and many more.
Jila added : There haven't been any time in the history of Iran that; these many journalists to be in prison because of their occupation .

Her website in Persian-Parsi language:
Her husband website in Persian-Parsi language:

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