Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mehdi Karoubi a presidential candidate and anonther leader of the green movement: We will continue the fight ....

Recently Mehdi Karoubi a presidential candidate and another leader of the green movement who was attending in a media exhibition was attacked by few Ahmadinejad supporter who caused bruises on his head. Right after that incident Mr. Karoubi made a video clip and said :

At this situation we will be present in any stages, if it is demonstration, February 11, religious ceremony of Ashura and in any event we will be present, before we wern't telling to our friends and friends were criticizing us about where we were going but now, we say where we are going and therefore we won't leave the fight and won't break the promises that we made with people, "imam" , the Islamic Republic and constitution . We will stand strong and won't be scared or intimidated by anyone until it will become clear that who was honest and who wasn't.


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