Sunday, December 20, 2009

News : "Ayatollah Montazeri have passed away"!

News this morning without warning was: "Ayatollah Montazeri have passed away".

It was just a few days ago when he received the the award for his commitment and support of human rights from the Association of Human Rights Defenders.

Fars news the news agency of the coup d'etat government wrote a short piece: "Hossainali Montazeri Died". This news agency removed the title of Ayatollah and just wrote Montazeri have died.

khamenei in a message released wrote: "He would ask god with its kindness to forgive Montazeri's action at the latest part of his life."

Tomorrow is going to be the burial ceremony and no one knows what is going to happen on this ceremony. Just to say least: The reform-green movement lost one of its great supporter.

Since the election fraud, Ayatollah Montazeri was more and more speaking critically against the regime of Khamenei-ahmadinejad.


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