Monday, December 07, 2009

shirin Ebadi the president of the Association of human rights defenders in Iran: Iran lookes like a barrel of gunpowder !

Shirin Ebadi in speaking with a German newspaper on Sunday Dec. 6,2009 in Berlin about the human rights condition in Iran:

1-The regime is losing ground among people and never the people were this much far from the government.And the reason for this is because of discontent.Less than 10% in Iran has all the wealth and 9o % are poor.Jobless is widespread and the workers situation is very bad.the people are asking: What are they doing with the wealth of Iran?

2-70% of Iranian population are young. The interesting thing is that ;even the young childeren of the officials are joining the protest movement and they also act against the will of their parents.

3-The role of the women in the movement for change is great. 65% of all students are women.the number of women professors are also high. Shirin Ebadi sometimes thinks that the 1978-79 revolution was a revolution of men against women.

4-Women, youths, educateds and workers are participants of this protest movement.the protest is going to be continued not only in Tehran but even in small citys.Iran looks like a barrel of gunpowder.A small thing might explode this barrel.

5-The movement is peaceful and against violence, but the regime's elements are trying to bring violence into it , so that the regime can have pretext to suppress the movement violently.

6-The regime announce it has arrested 4000 people during the post election protest. But the number is more than that.

7-The regime has organized a police force for controlling the internet and to identify the opposition.

8-The regime is afraid to be toppeld.

9-According to Unesco, Iran is a country losing most of its educateds. They scape from Iran.

10- Western countries should not sacrifice human rights with economical benefits when dealing with the regime of Iran.


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