Saturday, December 05, 2009

The regime of coup d'etat has prevented the family's of the victims of " Chain Murdering " to hold commemoration of their dear one!

Why Islamic Republic is afraid of the familys of the victims of "chain murdering" to commemorate the 11th anniversary of their loved one who have been brutally murdered in the hands of the agents of the Ministry of Information 11 years ago?

11 years ago these days , my telephone in Oakville was ringing continousely and in the other side of the phone, my friends including gholam deeply sad of the murdering of Mohammad Mokhtari, Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh ,Dariush frouhar and his wife Parvaneh Frouhar in the hands of regime's agents. We had to come together and release a quick communique to the community publications and aske the Iranian in toronto to come together for protest and commemoration.

From those days 11 years has passed.Really shocking days for all of us Iranian particularly the human rights activists .
Everyone were blaming and believed it was the work of the regimes agents. The victims lost their lives because, months earlier they were openly discussing in a pannel of discussion about human rights in "Adineh"magazine which was managed by Faraj Sarkouhi , who himself was kidnapped and was in danger of losing his life, but because of international pressure he scaped later to Germany.

I dont know ;why the regime is still afraid of the commemoration of those fallen brave Iranian who's only crime was the love for their country?!

According to the news; the regime of coup d'etat has prevented the families of those chain murdering victims to commemorate the anniversary of their loved one in "Emam Zadeh Taher " where they are buried. Before the gathering start , the regime agents and police forces closed the area to the cemetery known as " Emam zadeh Taher Karaj".
The agents threatened the familiesof Pouyandeh and Mokhtari and told them immediately to leave the cemetery.
IRAN WATCH CANADA will follow this story......


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