Thursday, December 03, 2009

Iranian students are preparing themselves for a national protest!

Picture of students who have been arrested.
According to the news coming from Iran, Iranian students are preparing for a big day of protest in all universities in Iran. On December 7,2009 the Iranian student will commemorate the 1953 students uprising and on that uprising three students have lost their lives. In the coming Students Day ,Iranian students are asking the people to join their peaceful protest and they also have asked other universities all over Iran to join them in a united voice to protest the illegal regime of Ahmadinejad , for the release of their students brother and sister who are in prison and for their human rights.

On the coming Dec.7,2009 the students are going to have a peaceful protest inside university campuses ,but the security agents of the regime because of fear from student movement so far have arrested many student activists in their home and transfered them to Evin prison.In the past days regime has intensified the arrest of student activists and during the month of November regime has arrested close to 60 students.

A group of students from universities in Iran have released their first statement and asked the people to join them. They have said: Like the students 56 years ago ,who have protested against the regime of Cope d'etat , we will also protest against the current regime of cope d' etat .

In their statement's they have demanded the followings:

The students rights and the rights of the people

Justice for the victims of the "Kahrizak " prison

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression .........

The students also said; they protest against the members of the parliament,particularly Tehran's members of the parliament who are not independent and are silent on all the events in Iran.


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