Tuesday, March 02, 2010

what are the latest news about Iran and whats going on?

Picture- Etemad newspaper journalists show the signe of "V " after the closure of their newspaper .

When i serf in the internet , reformists newspapers or websites and generally the media pages or screens are full of news about the arrests of student activists , women's rights advocates, film directors , journalists, workers rights activists, Bahai's make it short ; i don't know what this regime is doing , it seems to me that they are digging their grave slowly but surely, there is no question about it . Instead of solving the crisis they are in , they use threat, intimidation, increasing their savagery , brutality and their inhuman policies among the societies in Iran.

As a result of these ; more people are getting to know this regime , not only in the big citys but in the small citys and communities across the country , they are getting to know that this regime is not for Islam as they claim to ,but for wealth , corruption , lies , empty promises , killing peaceful protesters and even raping young boys and girls inside their prisons.

More and more people are joining the silent majority and when again they pour into the street and protest , no one knows. They may surprise this regime again.Because , people's tolerance has limits and this regime is pushing them to the end.

The green movement is not only about Musavi , Khatami or Karubi. They are not big factors in this movement . The biggest threat against the regime is that ; the Iranian people are being ignored by this regime and this ignorance is the biggest threat against the regime.

The disrespect, ignorance, lies , cheating , corruption, deafness and continuous oppression by the government together with the lack of security , lack of having healthy society, lack of freedom , economic pressure causes pains in the heart and minds of people and society, which is dangerousely increasing.

Recently Musavi asked the regime to respect people and let the green movement suporters to express themselves in a peaceful march....

And Karubi again said ; he does not recognize the government of Ahmadinejad .

In the meantime , reports are indicating for another protest on the night of " Chahar shanbeh Souri" celeberation, on the last Wednesday of the Persian calendar ( March 17th) .

Although Mr. Musavi called for non violence celeberation for March 17th night.

Regime just continue intimidating and threatening the people for any protest....

News also indicate for more strikes and protest by workers from all over Iran.

Women rights advocate may also protest on March 8 International Women's Day.

In another wrong move regime closed Etemad newspaper and more journalist become without the job.

The society is boiling ........when will it erupt ????.....


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