Wednesday, May 19, 2010

According to news : Mr. Khalil Bahramian the lawyer of Farzad Kamangar is arrested and is brought to an unknown location!

Stop this regime for murdering innocent Iranians . We are all responsible and UN has more responsibility!
Mr. Khalil Bahramian is a leading member of the "Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran" and a long time serving lawyer in Iran. Mr. Bahramian in his recent interviews spoke about Farzad Kamangar the Kurdish teacher who was among the five the Islamic Republic Regime executed which brought outrage among Iranian all over the world. See the video's in IRAN WATCH CANADA.

Mr. Bahramian is one of the best son of our country . He has put his time and effort freely for political prisoners who are arbiterarily arrested by the agents of the Islamic regime.

When the Judiciary power executed Farzad Kamangar Mr. Bahramian was unaware , the prison officials, the judiciary power and the government didn't inform him and the family of Farzad was also unaware of the execution.

While crying Mr. Bahramian in the interview said : The judiciary power doesn't have any evidence against my client Farzad Kamangar and if they show any evidence, i promise i will shered my law practice license.

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