Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's like martial law in Iran!28 Days to June 12 the anniversary of coup d'etat in presidential election.People are awaiting for yet another protest !

The public prosecutor Mr. Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi had announced that; if necessary we will arrest the "heads of sedition" or "Sarane Fetneh" in Farsi ,and of course he mean Mir Hossain Musavi and Mr. Mehdi Karubi.
Recently Mr. Musavi the past Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic and Karubi the past speaker of the parliament, both candidates of the last June presidential election and also both leaders of the green movement condemned the execution of the five political prisoners for injuctices and lack of judiciary procedure.
The prosecutor called Mr. Musavi and Karubis' statements for questionning the judiciary of the Islamic Republic as a support for counter revolutionaries and he threatened when time come we will deal with them. Mr. Dolatabadi said: Their support for counter revolutionaries is a criminal offence.



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