Thursday, May 13, 2010

People are not affraid of this regime ,so regime is angry and because of this anger they commit crime against Iranian people!

News coming from Iran indicate that; the city's of Kurdistan province of Iran are on strike. Upto now these citys have joined the strike : Sanandaj, Saghez, Marivan, Kamiaran,Divandareh, Bukan, Mahabad, Oshnavieh and Piranshahr . According to news people have closed their shop and trading centres.

In another painful news by (Herana) : The security and information agents have put the family members of Farzad Kamangar into the house arrest in the city of Kamiaran.

Family member of Farzad went to the city of Kamiaran to receive the lifeless body of Farzad but the judiciary power rejected their request and instead the agents put the family member under house arrest.

The wife of Mir Hossain Musavi the former prime minister and the winner of last presidential election in June 12 asked the regime ..Why execution ?

Ms. zahra Rahnavard said:
"The violent and provocative execution of five young Iranian by the regime on the bases of being members of political organization brings various questions into the minds of any free willing and analytical human being."
Also Mr. Musavi in his latest statement said:
" Without looking at the ideology and opinions of the people we must defend their rights ".

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