Friday, May 14, 2010

Spkesperson of the "Kurdistan Human Rights organization" is arrested .

Mr. Ejlal Ghavami the spokesperson of the "Kurdistan Human Rights Organization " have been arrested.After hours of having no news about Ejlal Ghavami in the city of Sanandaj his family have announced that he has been arrested.From 10 am this morning Mr. ghavami didn't make any contact with his family and his family also were unable to make contact with him. According to "Kurdaneh" news agency, his family is going to ask the security officials on his whereabout.It is believed that his interview about Kurdistan strike could be the reason he has been picked up by the security agents. Mr. Ejlal ghavami was one of the most known human rights advocate in the city of Sanandaj.

In the last 11 months of protest no one knows exactly how many human rights advocate have been arrested by the security agents.

To name a few :

Mr.Abdolreza Ahmadi

Mr.Kohyar Godarzi

Ms.Razieh Alami

Ms. Laleh Hassanpour

Mr. Abolfazl abedini

Mr. Emad Baghi



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