Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life of Majid Tavakoli the imprisoned student leader is in great danger.UN must send special reporter to Iran to observe the situation.

Majid Tavakoli's lawyer is unaware of his situation.

People in the green movement are worried about the dry hunger strike by Majid Tavakoli the imprisoned student leader. In protest to blindfold Majid went to dry hunger strike (meaning no food and no drink). Because of this the prison official by an order from Tehran public prosecutor Mr. Jafari-dolatabadi Majid was transfered to solitary confinement in Evin prison and he started dry hunger strike.

According to report last week Majid has written a critical article which angered the security agents and the agents threatened to murder him.
One report indicate that, in sympathy his mom also went to hunger strike with her son.In speaking with Radio Germany (DW) Majid's mom said : The prison and judiciary official didn't
say anything to the lawyer on what reason and why Majid was transfered to solitary confinement in Evin prison.Majid Tavakoli' is charged with " gathering against Islamic Republic , propagating against IR , insulting the leader of the IR and insulting the president". Because of those charges Majid is sentenced to eight years and six month imprisonment and 5 years expulsion from education and 5 years ban from going out of the country.

Background :
After speech in Amirkabir University on Student Day he was arrested and was transfered to Evin prison. So far he has spent 16 months in prison. In the past he was arrested twice.
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