Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seyed Mohammad Khatami former president:Release political prisoners,Have a clean & fair election,Respect for free expression & political gathering

those are the three conditions that Mr. Seyed Mohammad Khatami the past president of the Islamic Republic demanded from the regime in his recent speech.

Musavi and Karubi to people in the green movement:
Inform eachother for June 12 and protest against the election cheating !

In the meantime , Mr. Musavi the former prime Minister and Karubi the past speaker of the parliament both met on last Sunday and demanded the regime to approve their permission for a peaceful protest on the anniversary of the presidential election (June 12, 2009 )which ended with cheating and Ahmadinejad was named as the winner . Since then Iran was protesting against the election rigging and coup d'etat government.Up to now the interior ministry did not approve their request for a peaceful rally.

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