Sunday, July 11, 2010

About the last post- A video clip from VOA speaking by phone with Narges Mohammadi....

To UN general secretary honorable Ban Ki Moon and human rights council :Human rights advocates in Iran needs your protection now.

Now that Shirin Ebadi is no longer in Iran due to threat and blackmail by Ahmadinejad's government , Narges Mohammadi is the first person in charge of human rights in Iran. Narges Mohammadi is in fact the voice of human rights situation. Like Shirin Ebadi the first Iranian who have received the Noble Peace Prize, together they have fought back for human rights in Iran and monitored as much as they could the violation of human rights and informed the world about the issue. In the last post she speaks by phone with VOA and she explained her ordeal while in prison and in the hospital.Here is a excerpt from that interview:

Ms. Mohammadi was released from prison on July first after spending 22 days in prison.She is diagnosed with mental health problem and paralysis due to the intense interrogation.As a result, she was released because of prison doctor recomendation and suggestion that the prison officials not to create another situation like zahra Kazemi, the Iranian -Canadian photojournalist who was killed during intense interrogation in Evin prison. Since her release from prison she was transfered to hospital for treatment. Her husband Mr. Taghi Rahmani is also a pro reform journalist and writer.

Ms.narges Mohammadi:
On June 27 i had a nervous breakdown in solitary confinement. Due to an illness in two years earlier , my doctor recomened to the prison officials not to hold me in a solitary confinement which may worsen my physical ability and mental situation. From June 17 to July 10, 15 or 16 days that i felt the worse and fell down 14 times by face or from back on the ground,which caused bruises and wounds on my arms and legs. One time when i was going for interrogation i fell because i'm diagnosed with paralysis of hand and legs. One time.... when i was taking bath , i fell and the prison officials were transfering me with blanket or wheelchair for interrogation and i remember with certain that the doctor of the prison clinic told to the interrogatior that , if you keep her here she will become the 2nd Zahra Kazemi.... after spending sometimes in the hospital and 7 or 8 doctor work on my situation , but until now , they did not recognize what is wrong with me...
Despite of recomendation by prison doctor , the interrogators continued to interrogate me....I have told in the past that; solitary confinement is a violation of human rights......I as a mother who was forcefully separated from my two childeren who were crying and brought to prison because of my activities on human rights ... and it was very hard for me, because of my three year old daughter who had 10 stitches on her stomach and was asking me to go kiss her and i had to walk the steps from the third floor, as a mother this was more than torture........


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