Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Those Who Should Stand on Trial .....

This picture was taken this week on the innauguration of "Sepahe Pasdaran" (the Islamic Republic guards -something similar to Sadam's National Guards) congress in Tehran. In front row to the right of Ahmadinejad is the commander in chief of "Sepah" Mohammad Ali Jafari and on the left of Ahmadinejad is representative of Khamenei in Sepah and his name is Saidi , and the clergy seating on the 2nd row is Hossain Taeb the chief security intelligence of Sepah and the accused in the Kahrizak prison where so many young peaceful protesters were savagely murdered and secretly buried. Naghadi and Zolnour are also in the picture. These members of Sepahe Pasdaran were all involved in the last year election coup detat against the Iranian peoples will and must stand on trial .........


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