Tuesday, August 31, 2010

After 48 days of hunger strike, Mr. Arzhang Dawoodi went on coma!!

According to a report by human rights group in Iran, on Sunday August 29 at 12 midnight Mr. arzhang Dawoodi one of the political prisoner in Evin prison after 48 days of hunger strike went on coma and the prison guards took him with stretcher to the prison clinic.

background news:

Mr. Arzhang Dawoodi has ended his 70 days of hunger strike!
Send your strong protest letter to Islamic Republic for continues violation of human rights !Support Arzhang Dawoodi, Mostafa Alavi , Hana Abdi , Mohammad Sadigh Kabudvand, Mansour Osanlou and other political prisoners!A video clip in Farsi language - An interview with the wife of Arzhang Dawoodi- Arzhang is a political prisoner in Iran , in protest to his arrest he continued his hunger strike for 70 days which ended today July 7/08. -She said that her husband went through alot of torture and beating and harshness. At present Mr. Mostafa Alavi another political prisoner is also on hunger strike for almost 67 days. In support with these and other political prisoners Mr. Froud Siyavashpoor a medical doctor living in abroad also went on hunger strike.

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