Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is there going to be a war against Islamic regime in Iran!

Once again there are talks and news about possible war against Islamic regime in Iran. Both sides Islamic regime officials and US, as well as Israel are throwing their poisonous speers in the air. The atmosphere in the middle East is becoming heavier to breath. The shadow of war and destruction, the 21st century bombing of the infrustructure and cities , the deads and woundeds toll , the refugee camp and disease.... all and all, will bring the breath of this world's human being to a halt, fear of escalation to other region and other countries involvement will definitely effect human being all over the world, from economic hardship to other phenomenon which is the identity of war.

By looking and searching the pages of newspapers ,TV or internet online news,the volume of news about possible war between US and Islamic regime in Iran or Israel and Islamic regime in Iran , fear will roll door to door among world public for a possible 3rd world war.

War definitly is no good for green movement in Iran , because the first victims of war will be the leaders or oppositions in the green movement. The regime will take advantage to arrest and imprison or murder all opposition leaders for treason .So we say it very loud:
No to War!


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