Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dispute among regime official intensified.........

Since the presidential election coup d, etat by the ring of Ahmadinejad on June 12/ 2009 and his forceful stay in power as president "select" for the second term despite of Iranian peoples protest by millions in the streets all over the country for the whole last year , the regime continue to face the challenges and resistance not only by the people of Iran but from within the regime officials. In these fights; Khamenei has lost his credibility , he has lost respect he had enjoyed before , he is now being called as a traitor by his support for Ahmadinejad and his cabinet. Conservative officials continue to fall and withdraw their support for Ahmadinejad and sometimes even Khamenei, this is the fact and evidence of the daily news coverage.The sharp criticism of Ahmadinejad's Government and his cabinet ministers are everywhere in the news.

One of these conservative MP who recently made the U turn from his past position is Mr. Ali Motahari the son of Ayatollah Motahari . In an interview with "Soroush " weekly he compared Ahmadinejad's and his circle as the "Forghan" group, a terrorist Islamic group from early years of the revolution , which aimed to assassinate the regime top officials. He said; many clergy still support Ahmadinejad just because of Khamenei's support for him. He said; the situation of the country after election is "half reppressive " and Even the media are banned to publish his speeches.

He said; even if Khamenei the leader have support for a candidate , people can chose and vote for another . He did critisize the way the parliament has handled the ordeal between the Goverment which does not respect the legal channels and violates the constitution and the parliament.He told; if my father was alive ,he would not accept this situation.

He said; if you the officials have any critisism against the Government , your speeches and your comments will not be published in the newspapers and the newspapers which would dare to do so ,will be targeted and banned.

He said:
They have special view about Islam, They believe in "Mahdaviat" the preparation for the coming of "Imam Zaman" ( the 12th imam who is absent for now) and they have also problems with clergies and "Velayate Faghih" the guardianship of jurisprudent.He said; at present many clergies and friday prayer imams and ayatollahs have come to conclusion that the view points of Ahmadinejad and his circle won't reflect the idea's of "Osoulgra"or principalists .

Mr. Motahari told: I said it before these group are similar in nature and policy with the " Forghan " group.

He said: Election means freedom to elect , and if officials say that; the leaders openion is with this candidate and the other candidate must withdraw , this is wrong .He said; at present many MP's in the parliament are follower of leader.He said; we the MP's must do our job as representatives.
He told ; the action of the regime of Ahmadinejad is very ugly towards parliament and the parliament action dealing with him and his Government is weak.


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