Thursday, August 05, 2010

It's time UN human rights council to come to the rescue of Iranian political prisoners!

Pictures:Family members staged protest in front of prosecutor's office in Tehran and demanded for a better condition of their loved one. All 17 prisoners started their hunger strike from 10 days ago.

It is in the news that; Mr. Mohammad Mostafaei the lawyer defending young offenders who are sentenced to death and Ms Sekineh Mohammadi the women who has been sentenced to death by stonning has escaped Iran into Turkey . In Turkey he has applied for asylum. The regime has taken Mr. Mostafaei's wife and brother inlaw as hostage. UNHCR and all government around the world must support and expedite Mr. Mostafaei's case and help him settle in their respected country. Mr. Mostafaei is one of the most brave advocate of civil rights who has put his life on the line for human rights and a civil society in Iran.

It has also been in the news that; the family members of the political prisoners in Iran who went on hunger strike in solidarity with their loved one decided to go hunger strike because no one listen to their request and ordeal.

It has also been reported that three of the prisoners who went on hunger strike from previous days are now on dry hunger strike meaning they wont eat or drink and the name of these prisoners are : Bahman Ahmadi Amouei journalist , Keyvan Samimi writer and journalist and Majid Tavakoli student leader.

IRAN WATCH CANADA will follow this news.....


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