Saturday, July 31, 2010

17 Iranian political prisoners in ward number 350 in Evin prison went on hunger strike since July 27,2010 !

Names of 16 political prisoners who went on hunger strike since July 27 are brought to attention . these prisoners were transfered to solitary confinement of ward 240 and in protest they went on hunger strike in Evin prison. These prisoners were kept in ward number 350 in Evin prison.

"Bahman Ahmadi Amouei" journalist and "Kayvan Samimi" also a journalist and writer were the first prisoners transfered to solitary confinement ward number 240 in Evin prison on Monday July 26.

The rest of the political prisoners who have joined the hunger strike are:

1-Ali Malihi Student activist , member of student organization known as "Advare Tahkime vahdat".

2-Hossain Nouraninejad- Journalist and member of "Mosharekat" party.

3-Abdollah momeni -Leader of the " Advare Tahkime Vahdat"

4-Ali Parviz- Student activist

5- Hamid reza Mohammadi-political activist

6-Jafar Eghdami - Civil rights advocate

7-Babak bordbar- photojournalist

8-Zia Nabavi - Student expelled from University ( deprived to continue his education)

9-Ebrahi (Nader )Babaei - Human rights advocate and a wounded soldier of Iran-Iraq war

10-kohyar godarzi- human rights advocate and a web writer

11- Majid Dori - Student activist

12-gholam Hossain Arshi -

13- peyman karimiAzad-

14-Majid Tavakoli -Student leader

Lives of these political prisoners are in great danger...

According to another report the anti riot guards are present around the ward number 350 in Evin prison.Regime and the prison officials are planning to create another "Kahrizak ". Torture , interrogation and death is threatening the lives of political prisoners in Iran.Families of these political prisoners are staging protest and are worried about the situation of their loved one.

Do we care? Do you care UN human rights council? what about you the human rights organizations around the world? What we can do with this current regime in Iran?

Let me thank you on behalf of IRAN WATCH CANADA for all your past support for Iranian people. But really what we

can do with this regime in Iran? This regime and its entire cabinet ministers together with its militia "Sepahe Pasdaran" and "Basij" are the most violators of human rights in Iran . Yet these people like me and you usese passports with different names , they travel around the world for vacation???? These violators of human rights, torturers, interrogators and murderers......

we can at least make their lives miserable when they travel abroad , say in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South korea, Thailand ,dubai, Kowait, Afghanistan and........We must do whatever we can to bring these people who commit crime against humanity daily to justice.


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