Monday, July 26, 2010

Civil reights advocates are worried on disappearance of Mohammad Mostafaei,lawyer of young offenders sentenced to death by the regime in Iran!

Regime has taken Mr. Mostafaei's wife and brother in-law as hostage!

After interrogation of Mohammad Mostafaei inside the office of prosecutor in Evin prison the other day , once again he was summoned to Evin prison . After not attending, his wife and brother in-law were arrested (Hostage style) near his office.according to a source, this hostage taking will continue until Mr. Mostafaei show himself up.

Mr. Mostafaei is a lawyer of young offenders sentenced to death by the regime in Iran. He is well known for the work he does for defending young offenders. He believes that the regime should stop sentencing thoes young offenders who have commited murder to death. He also believe some of these young offenders did not commit , or wrongfully arrested and their case contain lack of evidence . According to Mr. Mostafaei there are more than twenty young offenders who have been sentenced to death by the regime in Iran and are awaiting the execution of their sentence .


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