Sunday, July 18, 2010

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Will Ahmadinejad's Government collaps due to mounting pressure!

Future will answer the above question? What is the reality is the mounting pressure from within the Islamic Republic officials from the concervative ranks and from the public. Recently talks about this issue often appeared in newspapers and onlines. The latest was discussed by Engineer Sahabi with french Lomonde newspaper. He told to the newspaper that: "The Parliament is waiting the leader to remove his support for Ahmadinejad and then they will engage and remove Ahmadinejad from his post."

Mr. Sahabi the president of the "Meli-Mazhabi "national council, former member of the revolution council and the head of the planning Organization in the government of Bazargan told to this newspaper:

Most Iranian beleive that the religiouse government has failed and they want the separation of religion from government.The ruling system is becoming more isolated day by day and Ahmadinejad who spends lots of energy to ruine the economic empowerment , if does not have the support of the leader , the parliament wont hesitate to give NO vote to ahmadinejad's Government.

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