Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sara Mahboubi a bahai student deprived from continuing her education by the regime in Iran has been released from prison!

Society against discrimination and for education in Iran-

Sara Mahboubi is an activist of the above society and those Bahai students who have been deprived by this regime to continue their education. She was arrested on Thursday June 24 /2010 after attending to the office of Ministry of Information in "Sari" the capital city of Mazanderan province and after spending 24 days in prison she was released on today sunday july 18/2010 by bail . all this time she was in Ministry of Information detention centre in the city of "Sari".

there are many students who are currently in prison and are deprived from their education or expelled from university or schools because of their belief or activities and for Bahai's the regime always has alibies to ban them from school.To name a few :

Shiva Nazarahari

Zia Nabavi

Majid Dori

Ms. Mahdieh Golro

Kohyar Godarzi

Majid Tavakoli

IRAN WATCH CANADA will continue to monitor the situation of these students and expose the policy of the current regime in Iran.

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