Monday, August 09, 2010

UN human rights council must send an envoy to Iran to rescue the political prisoners before it becomes late!

The lives of political prisoners in Iran is in great danger!

The family members have gathered in Evin prison in protest.

Despite of contradictory news the other day the
Political prisoners did not end the hunger strike and it is the 15th day of their hunger strike.

According to news, the family members of the political prisoners who are on hunger strike in Evin prison announced that ; the prisoners did not end their hunger strike.

The government of Ahmadinejad can commit another national calamity. Before it is late the UN human rights council must send an envoy to rescue the political prisoners.

These political prisoners in protest to their situation in ward number 350 in Evin prison , went on hunger strike and most of them are now in solitary confinement and the prison officials banned the family visitation rights. It's now two weeks that the family members do not have news about their loved one.

today when the family members attended to Evin prison to see their loved one , the prison officials told them that: "Your prisoner is banned to visitation" !?

In the past days Mr. Nouroozi deputy to Tehran prosecutor have promised the family members that ; the prisoners will contact them by phone , but this didn't happen.

According to news , Reza Malek another prisoner of ward #350 has joined the hunger strike.

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