Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The family members of 16 hunger strike political prisoners are deprived again from visiting their loved one!

Iran -depressing news as always from Government conducts:

1-the security guards at Evin prison, have told to prisoners parents, who were gathered there to get news about their loved one that " For the present, they must stay in solitary confinement, and we don't have to do anything about your worry,they should have thought about this days when they were making the decision to go to hunger strike....... "

These families after hearing this, staged a protest in front of Evin prison gate for not being permitted to visit their loved one.

2-According to news and a report by "International Campaign for human rights" 300 prisoners have been executed in "Vakilabad prison " in the city of Mashhad and more than 2100 have received death sentence in the same prison and are awaiting on the death row.

3-Shiva Nazar-ahari , Arzhang davoodi , Mansour Osanloo, Keyvan Samimi, Bahman Ahmadi amouei, Ahmad Zeidabadi ,Majid Tavakoli , Behrooz javid Tehrani and so many other political prisoners are looking at us everyday , is this all we can do just to follow the news and write a statement once in a while? They need our help ...


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