Thursday, September 16, 2010

More on diplomates resigning......

Mr. Farzad Farhangian is one of the Diplomat of the regime in Norway who have resigned from his post in protest to the crime commited by the regime against people. He has appied for assylum from the Government of Norway. He said in an interview that: "unfortunately the policies of the regime has been shifted during these recent years and we have no choice except to separate ourselves from them." Unfortunately the election was planned and in a way ugly and then those killing and reppression on people, people who were having a peaceful march, they were just asking the government to respond to what had happened,and the response was bullet and baton and beating , presuming the nation as fool , deceiving the people and plundering the wealth of the nation , these are not sin , these are crime and we do not want to be part of these crimes."
Mr. Farhangian and his wife are worried about their situation and their families living inside Iran , they are also worried about the terrorism the regime might carry against their life and their families inside Iran.

Mr. Alizadeh a diplomat of the regime in Finland who have also resigned said: His life and f amily's lives are in danger , he said : he had received threatening emails...
Mr. Farhangian said: With us resigning , this means the regime has lost its legitimacy among its cadre's.
Mr. Mohammadreza Heydari also a diplomat resigned from his post said : "More than 80 per cent of the cadre inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thinks the same as Iranian people and the fall is not only in Foreign Affairs, it is also among militia ,national Guards and other ministries and........."
Mr. Farhangian said: "More than 90 per cent of our colleagues think like us , but everybody has their own way, to resign from a 30 years carrier is difficult........"
Then when Mr. Farhangian attended to the UNHCR office in Norway,and sat beside another African refugee , in a response to a question that you can't go back to Iran anymore, said: Why not , we will go back in a free Iran.
When ?asked the reporter ,
Response: Hope soon .......

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