Friday, September 10, 2010

No regime can overcome on the will of Iranian people for change and freedom!

Change , reformism, democracy and freedom is in the blood of Iranian people. No one can claim success over the will of Iranian people for freedom in Iran. The regime like Ahmadinejad's government can use all kind of suppression , use all kinds of tactics to divert the real issues of the Iranian people which is the creation of civil society with individual rights , free election ,right to elect their representative to the parliament, independent judiciary system ( free from politics and political influence), freedom of all faith and belief , freedom of expression , creation of as many NGO's and their activities and so on .Ahmadinejad's government can spend as much of the oil revenue to create projects and human resources to tackle with the will of the Iranian people and bankrupt the country from its sources but it can't go nowhere. Iranian people are determined and are moving ahead creating their social network all over the country. What the regime can do ? To stop this trend? to suppress more ? wtch and control every home ? They can stop people from talking about these issues? They can put more people into the jails ? The jails are already full ! Now , what else they can do , they have already killed more than 100 innocent Iranian just during the last year , people who were just calling for changes and freedom. The regime thinks that they are in control of the situation ? We will see .....

The picture above shows the reformists from the city of Rasht come together on an "Eftar" (a ramedan dinner ).

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